Flenta Casalina

A short soldier who wants to be a wizard.


Str 14
Dex 13
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 10
Cha 14


As long as Flenta can remember, she has been fascinated by magic. While she may sell herself as a strong warrior with sorcerous abilities that are beginning to awaken, those studied in the arcane may find that her magic simply comes from the many items that she keeps on her person. She happily strikes up conversations with “other mages” hoping to glean some new insights into how magic manifests and how to best apply her “talents”. Not truly a charlatan, Flenta simply is sure that she has magical aptitude, but just doesn’t know where it is.

Jovial and loyal, Flenta hopes to make many friends in the Society, mage or otherwise. She delights in protecting others, being seen as a hero, and enjoying food and magic from various cultures she meets in her missions.

Born into slavery in Cheliax, Flenta’s family was nearly a rebel cell in itself. Serving a minor noble’s house, the Prous family, on the surface, her parents and extended family in the other servants found small ways to make the lives of their house a bit crazier. Falling under “attack” by goblins who may have been paid to ransack the house, having their master’s belongings stolen by pickpockets who may have also been paid off, and other engineered accidents that left the blame somewhat removed from the servants served well to make the lives of the Prous family hectic. The head of the family, Beorthcas Prous, always seemed to be loosing more hair over their stunts.

This could only go on so long, as a fellow servant was beaten into revealing the truth. The family decided to use an ironic punishment, and hired local mercenaries to “accidentally” kidnap Flenta from her parents during an assigned errand about town. Flenta was taken by the mercs to a warehouse and the family did nothing in the face of her parent’s pleas, reminding them of the expenses of their antics. They would subtract an equal amount from them, in this case, their daughter. As her parents flew from the house to save their daughter, the Prous family guards did nothing to stop them. Beorthcras nearly giggled with delight.

While in custody, Flenta was taken to a warehouse, where the mercenaries were told to hold her and kill anyone who comes to collect her. A terrified Flenta stood quite and powerless as humans three times her size drew weapons and told her that her parents would come to save her, and they would die as punishment for their crimes against a noble house.

Seeing the kidnapping was nothing but a setup for those who would take the real punishment, Flenta nearly feel to despair. In that moment, as the warehouse quieted while the mercenaries took positions and waited, Flenta heard a voice. The voice was smooth and kind, deep and commanding, gentle but intelligent. It whispered loudly, but only Flenta could hear it. The guards made no motions as the voice seemed to bounce about the room, and it spoke to Flenta.

“Your parents are going to die here, trying to save you. And you will be made to watch.”

Flenta’s tears flowed in streams. She stifled sobs and cries of turmoil.

“But it doesn’t have to be this way.”

Flenta listened closely, holding her breath.

“There is an Eagle Knight nearby, he plans to save you and your kin, but he will not reach you in time. But I can get him here soon enough to not only save you and your family, but your little slave friends too…”

Flenta’s heart beat swiftly and loud.

“All I need from you is a simple promise. Help me later, and I’ll help you.”

Flenta thought for an agonizing minute. The silence of the warehouse became heavy in its emptiness and anxiousness. The weight of the decision seemed limitless. When she heard the sounds of her parents’ out-of breath gasping and their feet stamping against the floorboards of the warehouse nearly made the decision for her.

“Save them, please…”

The mercenaries paused as they heard a door click across the room from them, and moments later it burst down against the iron-toed boot of a woman in a hood, wielding a sword with eagles on the crossguard.

The next few moments were a blur to Flenta, a maelstrom of screaming and fighting. She remembers herself being carried away by her parents under cover of a large wagon that moved her fellow slaves quietly out of town as if nothing had happened. They were carried from the city of Laekastel in the wagon along the Brastle River to Brastlewark, where they then took a second wagon through mountain passes into Andoran, where they became free people overnight.

Flenta could never truly thank the Twilight Talon member who had gone under cover to rescue them from the Prous family. She never saw the woman again, but promised that she would do the same whenever she could.

When Flenta became of age, she had already found many methods of using magic as an escape method, and hoped that she could use magic to not only save slaves, but to keep herself and her companions from capture. She became convinced that the spark of magic inside her can be awakened if she only applied herself.

Her time in Andoran saw her trained as an Eagle Knight recruit, but her difficulty focusing on tasks and her tendency to sneak off to try practicing magic she did not have, saw her not make the cut as an Eagle Knight. As a fallback, she visited the Pathfinder Lodge in Almas, and instead took upt he training to become a Pathfidner, hoping that she could sow small seeds of rebellion against tyranny during her countless adventures in the Society.

Flenta Casalina

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