Kharis Torriku

Relic hunter and street performer out for adventure!


The Numbers

Ninja 8 / Monk 2

Str: 11 Dex: 22 Con: 12 Int: 14 Wis: 10 Cha: 16

Ac: 26

Fort: +9 Ref: +18 Will: +8

Initiative: +8


+1 MW Adamantine Agile Wakazaki
+1 MW Inubrix Agile Wakazaki

Ninja Tricks:

Vanishing Trick
Shadow Clone
Forgotten Trick
Rogue Talent: Offensive Defense


Kharis Torriku is a young and nimble male kitsune, who is optimistic and fun loving. He traveled by caravan to Absalom in search of excitement and money. Only hearing that people distrusts kitsune, he disguised himself as an elf to blend into the population, he usually keeps to his disguise during the day. He quickly found out that obtaining those things were a lot harder than he thought it would be. He is usually reserved and doesn’t do well talking to others but tries to keep a good attitude. These issues didn’t dismay Kharis as he found it pretty simple to make a few bits here and there with some natural charm and a bit of show when he would go down to the market and make small performances for the little money he needed. Sometimes during the colder months, he would have to resort to more nefarious ways to make money. He was usually quick and quiet and out without a trace with only what he needed to make it through a week. Though on this one cold evening, he stumbled upon a large house that with a bit of luck, he was able to get inside, not knowing the silent, magical alarms that he had set off. Lucky for him, the owner felt a bit of kindness towards Kharis and recruited him for some better paying work suiting Kharis’ nimble and agility. The Dark Archives recruited Kharis to look through old ruins and temples, looking for clues to the whereabouts of evil items and artifacts. Though this faction isn’t the most appealing to him, it does provide him with a means to earn more than a living and get to explore what excitement the world offers. They have started to teach Kharis to use the secrets of Ki to grant him supernatural abilities. After a number of contracts, sending him through trials and minor adventures, he recently has been granted “Agent” status after a successful relic extraction with fellow Agents.

Kharis Torriku

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