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Pathfinders! Preapare for Adventure!
A welcoming message for all who play!


Welcome one and all!

This Obsidian Portal page has been a brain child of mine and I’m not actually sure it’s gonna be that big a hit. I pitched it to the local Venture Officer, a Mr. Mike Bramnik (phenomenal GM and great friend), and we both agreed that it could be a fun project. It does some things that a Facebook page can’t do. It is FOR roleplaying games, made by gamers who love to have a grand adventure around a table with strangers or friends, staring at plastic miniatures on a large grid, scribbling numbers on sheets of paper, and rolling strangely-shaped pieces of plastic and shouting when a big number faces upwards.

If you like to have adventures in the bellies of monsters, solve mysteries from eras long gone, do battle with mighty monsters and cunning villains, and make a friend or two along the way, that is what this Portal is for. It is a Portal to our collective imagination.

This Portal’s success hinges not on only me and Mike, though. This Portal is only going to be as good as what people put into it. An Obsidian Portal is at its best when overflowing with information. When the character list is dozens long, when the adventure logs are up to date, when the wiki is filled to bursting with links, and when the forums are in use for good times by all, then it is a good Portal. When people have some fun with their friends and characters between gaming sessions, play out their character’s chatting around the fireplace, spark a romance between unlikely duos, or even find a friendly nemesis to outdo, then I’ll know for sure that this was worth the extra work.

But, in spite of all my worries, this Portal does do a few things!


  1. It gives people who are starved for roleplay in my local lodge at Bloomington, Indiana a place to pour their creative juices and grants a space for back stories, short fiction about characters, character stats and whatever anyone wants to put into it.
  2. It gives the local lodge some exposure. I only recently remembered that since I have marked Pathfinder Society of Bloomington on Obsidian Portal’s map, it means now that anyone on Obsidian Portal who is looking to play Pathfinder in the area of Bloomington, Indiana can find a page for us! WE can get more interest and more tables and more fun!
  3. It will (hopefully) enrich the Pathfinder experience in my local lodge, giving people greater understandings of the characters around them. People can read about other characters and find ways to create rapport with them, make friendly rivalries, or even make some enemies (if we can be mature about it, of course).

I think this can be great. I think that people in my lodge might really have some fun with this!
Be sure to check the log on the right side of the front page for any changes that have happened. Pages will change, characters will update, stories will be told, and heroes will be made.

Now enough of my rambling and dreaming, go check out what little is here for some inspiration and feel free to send me questions if you have them.


If you’d like to join

If you’re reading this and feel that you’ve gotta have a part in this, feel free to contact me on my Obsidian Portal account. My username is Kot_the_Protector, and you can also post to our Facebook page page if you want to more directly introduce yourself to the group!

Check the front page for more info on where we play and don’t forget to have fun! That’s what we’re all here for in the first place!


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