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Welcome Pathfinders!


Glad you could make it! Our libraries here in the Grand Lodge are indeed grand, and some would say lodge-like! We have many tomes, scrolls, tablets, small animals with words written on them, and even jewelry that stares back at you! Feel free to take something off the shelf and read it until you know it cover to cover! Only a few of these books bite, so what’s the harm?

ALSO, if you wish to add anything to this always-growing cornucopia of knowledge, wisdom, and furry animals, feel free!

Pathfinder Wiki (updated by Paizo staff!)

  • This tome will tell you practically anything you wish to know about the world of Golarion! Simply open the pages and you can learn about the Hellknights of Cheliax, read about Taldor’s six Armies of Exploration, understand the matriarchy of the drow people, and even find secrets about the gods! (Pathfinder Wiki is the unofficial guide to the canon and lore of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting!)


Pathfinder Society

  • Learn more about what you can do to participate in our numerous machinations here at the Pathfinder Society! This hefty book, chewed on by raptors if I’m not mistaken, can teach you about our world-spanning organization! (This is the official site for Pathfinder Society. Here you can find links for players, GMs, and Paizo’s Society blog!)


  • This lovely purple bauble can teach you truths about the universe, or so it claims. I don’t trust it all the time, but it did show me a few spells I never heard about, so I’d suggest asking it a few questions! It may teach you ways to better yourself you never knew existed. Be careful though, not all it tells you is possible to bring with you to Pathfinder Society! (Not all options listed on this site are legal for Society play, but the list is large and quick to update. This is also a great resource to find the book that has your desired ability in it. Don’t forget that you need to own the book that has the character options you want to use.)

Additional Resources

  • One of our many reference collections, this collection of papers can tell you what resources of the Societies you may tap when you feel ready for them! (This is the definitive list of what books, and options within those books, are legal for Pathfinder Society. If it is not legal for play, you may not use it with your characters in Society play.)


Archives of Nethys

  • One of our affiliated libraries, the Archives of Nethys, found within the Arcanimiruim itself, are filled to bursting with useful references on magical secrets, martial tactics, divine prophecies, and the foes you may face on your journeys! Just don’t worry about the man who is half-on-fire, that’s normal. (A collection of feats, spells, traits, monsters, etc. that may prove useful because it ALSO will reference if the ability, archetype, or other character option is PFS legal! If the ability/archetype/option has a small icon of the glyph of the open road, then it is legal for Society Play!

Main Page

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