Welcome to the Pathfinder Society, Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG worldwide organized play campaign!

You are a member of the Pathfinder Society, an intrepid organization of explorers and adventurers from across Golarion. You act as an agent for the Society, visiting far away lands, plunging the depths of the earth, cutting through jungles, flying through clouds, climbing mountains, braving the oceans, and so much more! You will brave long-lost tombs, speak with royalty, clash blades with rivals, and maybe kiss a goblin!

Endless adventure awaits, but the spoils will only wait so long…


What is Pathfinder Society?

  • Simply put, we are one of many groups of people who like to play Pathfinder. We participate in an organized campaign that players around the world all play in. We meet at Common Room Games in Bloomington Indiana every Monday and Saturday night for Pathfinder Society games. These games run about 4 hours, wherein you bring a character of your own making to sit down and play with strangers and friends alike!

Where can I start?

  • It is advised that you create an account on Paizo’s website, so you can register yourself for Pathfinder Society, register your characters, and meet the global community!
  • This PDF is the Guide to Organized Play. It contains everything you need to know about Society play, character generation, PFS-specific rules, and how to GM for Pathfinder Society games!
  • The local “lodge” of Pathfinder Society around Indiana University and Bloomington, Indiana plays most games and events at:

Common Room Games
223 S. Pete Ellis Dr.
Bloomington, IN 47407


  • You can also reach out to our many members on our Facebook page. We are all eager to meet you and welcome you to the local Pathfinder lodge.

Well if everything I need is on other pages, what is this site for?

  • So glad you asked! This page is a place for people to really share their characters with the Bloomington, Indiana community of Pathfinder players! You can place your characters stats, back story, loves, hates, goals, friends, greatest moments, worst embarassments, favorite foods, ANYTHING. Whatever you want you can put here!
  • We also have a forum where you can roleplay right here with other players from Bloomington, Indiana and Indiana University! Use the forums for off-scenario roleplay, journals kept by characters, short stories from your character’s past, anything you can think of!
  • We have a wiki that can be filled with lists, guides for building characters, links to useful technology or tricks of the gaming trade, anything to help out your fellow Pathfinders on their adventures!
  • If you’d like to join this page and share with your fellows, create an Obsidian Portal account and send a pm to Kot_the_Protector or Dire to request membership!